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No Useless-Beat Dad, ruin of credit history, stealing from dad, stealing from new spouse Virginia Seaside Virginia
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Warning!! DCSE in Virginia will break you through your credit score by falisification. It irrespective you probably have paid everytime and on time since courtroom ordered steps you can take so. They send it to the credit rating bureau as being an ‘arrearage’ that’s a false statement of fact.

I’m the brand new wife. They have been married very year. I have stayed medically retired and am on disability. Our first tax year collectively and we filed jointly. Virginia DCSE is using the entire State Tax return. (Federal law enables for ‘injured spouse’)

They even denied us the right to an enchantment hearing, using antiquated codes spouting ‘Not an error of fact’-‘enchantment denied as the basis for contesting the legal system tax intercept doesn’t buy from him a mistkea in how much delinquent support owed’. Are you able to Believe! After all it does not really you blooming idiots it pertains to the fact that you are stealing from me. I’m currently of finding out if You can file a civil case in opposition to them.

What hog wash is that this? I have been on the other side no matter fence and clearly my ex got it oh soooo easy. They’re sticking letting it to my new husband who is NOT a dieing-beat dad. He is well known regarding his paid repeatedly and on-time every time because the court docket order got here through. The love ones 24 and 29.

When I contacted DCSE they informed me that basically issues needed to be this fashion because of Lifeless-beat dads, then what is the reason that makes it I’m studying right here about all the dad’s which can be escaping with the device labeled as one of the good guys is starting to get skunked at intervals of flip?

This is pure crap and I shall not take it lightly. I’ve already initiated just a few inquiries and the time I be given the details about the codes/regulation/rules governing their procedures I’m going to hounding the Virginia Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and almost any others concerned, in addition to the civil case.

My husband’s ex went to CA with their youngsters whenever the youngest was one and my husband was solely simply reunited with the youngest per year ago. The courts refused to notify him the place his youngsters were or how he may contact them, or extending its love to ship his data besides the children.

Just how do you find it right that they you should obtain skunked love this? I am not saying it’s the ex-wife’s fault, she had been informed they’d give the father data to contact the children and the moment she didn’t get the daddy’s information she assumed he did not need contact. The court system should not be permitted to do the things they do either.

Abreast of all this, I requested total abstract of payments (the report) and they ve ‘misplaced’ some of his payments. At this stage it appears as if they have cheated him by almost $2000.00.

This of course haven’t effected the curiosity so that they not end up with cheated him by $2000 on funds and they didn’t miss the opportunity to add additional interest. As soon as he pays the bulk of his kid support it might take almost 10 more years to settle the interest. Oh and did I tell you…while the divorce was ended the court did not tackle child support, each time the children wanted companies from CA it was then that a child support obligation was addressed…therefore their terms of ‘arrearage’.

I requested the location where the interest they cost will go. They said to the custodial parent. I’d love to discover these folks were telling the reality, but I don’t.

Virginia Seashore, Virginia